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Jun 05 2021

How to Avoid A Car Fire


Fires are relatively rare, but they can happen - not only in accidents, but also in mechanical or electrical problems. If you want to avoid having to deal with this problem in person, follow these few tips for avoiding or putting out a car fire.

Maintenance is the Best Prevention:

Perhaps the best way to avoid a car fire is to have your vehicle checked regularly. Professional mechanics can identify problems - like fluid leaks - before they become major problems. They can also suggest solutions and make repairs.

  • While it can be inconvenient and costly to deal with these issues now, such forethought can save you future damage and injury.

Be Careful What You Carry:

Anything that contains flammable liquids, such as lawn mowers or chainsaws, can potentially cause a fire, so be extra careful when carrying such items in your vehicle. If you need to transport gasoline, such as in an emergency, for example, make sure it is stored in a sealed container. Place the container in the trunk and never inside the car.

  • To prevent harmful fumes from filling the cabin of your car, always leave a window open for ventilation.

Have a Fire Extinguisher in the Car:

A fire extinguisher can prevent a small fire from turning into a huge disaster. Look for one that's compact enough to keep it indoors, within easy reach. As your vehicle presents different fire risks, such as gasoline, oil, electrical wires and upholstery, your extinguisher must be able to handle each of them.

  • Look for a dry powder extinguisher rated for use on Class A (fabric and paper), B (flammable liquids), and C (electrical equipment) fires.

Pay Attention to the Warning Signs:

Walk around your car every time you refuel. Oil and fuel leaks, electrical problems, loose cables, constantly turning off fuses, or rapid changes in engine temperature and fluid levels can be warning signs of a fire. Have these problems fixed immediately.

During a Car Fire:

If your car catches fire, pull out of traffic and head into an area free of anything that could catch fire, such as a shoulder or an empty parking lot. Stop the car and turn off the engine. Leave the vehicle immediately.

  • If the flame is small, try using your fire extinguisher. Otherwise, keep away from flames, at a distance of at least 30 meters. Keep traffic away from your vehicle. Call your local emergency service and wait for help to arrive.

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