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Oct 09 2021

Causes of Fast Overdrawn Car Battery


Over time, the ability of the car battery as the main source of car electricity will decrease due to chemical processes. Although there is a life limit, car owners can make savings in simple ways. Forgetting to turn off electronic devices after turning off the engine, turning off the AC and head unit when parking are also other bad habits that can shorten the life of a car battery. If you forget to turn off the AC and head unit , the work of the starter motor as the main component that sucks up battery energy will be very heavy. As a result, the car is difficult to start and if it is too frequent, it is a sign that the car battery must be replaced.

Who here often starts the car without waiting, immediately in the starter. This habit also damages the components of the car battery. There are two steps that you must do when starting the car. The first is to turn the key to the on position, wait for the system to analyze the car such as the condition of the battery, engine, ABS and others, then turn it to the starter position. By doing these two stages, it will make it easier for the starter motor to work as well as lighten the energy supply of the battery. Each car manufacturer has calculated the electrical needs of the car that are adjusted to the specifications of the car battery. Therefore, if you decide to add electronic devices, such as audio accessories, you should consult with the repair shop. The goal is that the use of battery energy can be appropriate. Giving a car battery additional tasks beyond its main function can shorten its service life.

In addition, the addition of these accessories can undermine the service life of the car battery. If you want to add accessories related to electricity, the capacity of the battery must also be adjusted or replaced with a larger amperage. Even a good car battery will run out, if the amperage is not bigger. Another bad habit is to leave the car at home or in the garage without being heated. Many people think that the car is rarely used or not used at all, the battery will remain prime. This is wrong, my friend. A car that is rarely used or just heated will not provide sufficient electricity supply so that the electrical capacity in the car battery is no longer optimal, so the battery will run out in a matter of months. In addition to the things above, a battery that dies suddenly can also be caused by the age of the car battery that has been stored for a very long time, so that when the battery is installed in the car, it is already in poor performance. When you want to buy a new battery or charge your car battery, it is very important to pay attention to the date the battery was made.

By knowing what can reduce the performance of a car battery, at least we can all immediately anticipate so that the car does not break down suddenly. When that happens, of course, it's very troublesome, isn't it? Well, if this is really forced to happen, you must also be ready. The main thing you should know when a car battery has problems on the road, you must understand how to install and replace a car battery. 

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