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Jan 06 2022

Main Causes of Heavy Power Streeing


Power steering is one of the important components in a car. The power steering function itself so that the driver can be lighter when moving the wheels. When the steering wheel starts to feel heavy, then this could be a sign that there are some problematic components. Power steering itself comes with two types, namely Hydraulic Power Steering (HPS) and Electric Power Steering (EPS). This car component works by using a fluid that can create pressure on the wheels to change direction.

At least, there are four reasons that make this power steering feel heavy, these are the causes:

1. Steering Rack Broken:

This steering rack has the function to lighten the steering load. Inside there is a control valve that controls the fluid flow, the steering shaft, and also the steering rack seal. If there is damage to one of the components such as the control valve which will make the fluid flow irregular so that the action to relieve steering actually cannot occur. Likewise, if the steering shaft wears out, it will make the steering heavy and make a sound when turning. To find out more about this steering rack problem, You needs to take it to a subscribed car repair shop. Because to check it, the car needs to be lifted first because this component is located under the car. If it is true that one of the components in the steering rack is damaged, then you needs to replace it immediately with a new set of the steering rack. To repair each component is very difficult, even if it could not last long. So the only way that can be done is to replace a set of this steering rack.

2. Low Tire Pressure:

The low air pressure in the tires can also affect the power steering to be heavy when turned. Because the car tires themselves are still a system with power steering. If the car tires are under-inflated, the power steering will work even more.

3. Reduced Power Steering Fluid:

This power steering fluid is useful for applying pressure to the piston in the pinion and rack. If the fluid is reduced, then the pressure exerted on the piston will also decrease. In HPS type power steering, this fluid leak is often the cause of power steering damage.

4. Power Steering Belt Broken:

This part contributes to making the steering wheel turn lighter. The power steering belt has the same function as other belts, namely to start and stop turning. The belt itself is made of rubber, and if this rubber loosens, the power steering will become heavy. And that's the reason or cause of the power steering to be heavy, to minimize this from happening, carry out routine maintenance and don't forget to continue to pay attention to the vehicle.


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