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Suzuki Wagon R 660cc in Pakistan: Price, Pictures, Specifications, and Review 

Welcome to Suzuki Wagon R for sale page. Are you looking for cheap wagon r cars in Pakistan? You are in the right place. We have a big stock of imported Japanese cars for sale.  You can find Suzuki Wagon R models on this page. The prices, pictures, and specifications of Wagon R are given along with the stock items. It is recommended to read about Suzuki Wagon R interior, exterior, engine, and other specifications before making a final decision. Compare models to find a suitable option for you. Contact us if you need further assistance.

Suzuki Wagon r is a popular Kei car in Pakistan. It has been sold in large numbers in the market. The stellar fuel efficiency, spacious interior, and low price are some of the highlights of this car. Keep reading to know more about Suzuki Wagon R in Pakistan.

  • First generation (1993–2006)
  • Second generation (1998–2010)
  • Third generation (2003–2008)
  • Fourth generation (2008–2012)
  • Fifth generation (2012–2017)
  • Sixth generation (2017–present)

Suzuki Wagon R Automatic

Many buyers prefer automatic cars over the manual one. Similarly, there is a demand for Suzuki wagon r automatic.  It offers an affordable experience of an automatic car as the Japanese wagon r comes with automatic transmission. You can buy wagon r automatic on this page.

Suzuki Wagon R Interior

The interior of Suzuki Wagon R is spacious and comfortable. It offers adequate space for the passengers and luggage. It can be a suitable vehicle for a small family looking for an affordable but spacious vehicle. Inside it has features like power window, power steering, power mirror, and many others. The automatic handling of car component makes it convenient for the drivers.  

Suzuki Wagon R Exterior

Wagon R falls into the category of Kei vehicles but it has a larger size like Daihatsu Move. There is a plastic grille on the front between the headlights.  The exterior layout gives indications of the spacious interior. 

Suzuki Wagon R Engine

Suzuki Wagon R is a Kei car and that does not surprise us if we can see a 660cc engine under the hood. The engine offers marvelous performance on the road. 

Suzuki Wagon R Price in Pakistan

The Japanese imported cars are popular in Pakistan due to the low prices, high build quality, admirable features, and good fuel efficiency. Suzuki Wagon R is no exceptions and it is available affordably for the customers in Pakistan. However, the prices of Japanese used vehicles are dependent on factors like vehicles year, grade etc. However, the 2016 model Suzuki Wagon R may cost you around 1,400,000 rupees. 

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Suzuki Wagon R in Pakistan: Price, Pictures, Specifications, Review

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