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Dec 06 2021

Toyota Electric Vehicles Rely on Price, Not Range


Toyota is gradually rolling out more EVs, especially with the bZ4X SUV, which is being built in partnership with Subaru. And Toyota knew the EV would come after many EVs from its competitors. Rather than focusing on market-driven EVs and offering them a Tesla-like price tag, Toyota plans to make its EVs affordable. Toyota will focus on the affordability of its electric vehicles while keeping battery life in its vehicles to a minimum. The Japanese automaker will also make sure its electric vehicles are durable and environmentally responsible. Today, US consumers want electric vehicles with over 300 miles of range. But again, electric chargers are being installed all over the country, consumers won't be too worried about the range. Trying to find a good average price and range will be a challenge for Toyota, but not for Lexus, as the luxury brand will offer electric vehicles with ranges of 400 to 500 miles.

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