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Jul 27 2021

Yellow Engine Oil Warning Light On: What Needs to be Done?


You are driving quietly when suddenly you notice that the engine oil warning light lights up in yellow on your dashboard. What does it correspond to and above all what should be done? The answers can be found in the article below.

If a warning light like the one in our picture of Une is displayed on your dashboard, it simply means that the engine oil level is insufficient. Nothing alarming then. As long as it is remedied quickly enough. In fact, engine oil makes it possible to ensure proper lubrication of the mechanical elements necessary for the operation of the engine. Neglecting this element can have serious consequences on your engine. long-term. The good news is that upgrading is fairly easy to do. In other words, you do not need to go to your garage on purpose for this. You can refill the oil yourself. As long as you choose the right oil (compatibility and viscosity). The easiest way to avoid making mistakes is to refer to your user manual.

The oil can be purchased in supermarkets but also in specialized stores such as Feu Vert or Norauto. If you are ever a beginner and you are looking for one or two tips to avoid a mistake, it is in these stores that you will undoubtedly be the best informed.

Where can I Find the Engine Oil Filler Cap?

At the time of the operation, you might be fumbling if this is your first time doing this upgrade. To find your way, it's quite simple. In most cases, the engine oil filler cap is located in the top of the engine, in the same area as the dipstick. This stopper is symbolized by the letters "OIL" or by the symbol representing a magic lamp (old jars with a long spout for pouring oil with precision).

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