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Apr 24 2021

What are the Best Winter Tires for Trucks and SUVs?


Find out how to choose the best winter tires for trucks and SUVs to achieve better handling and superior braking capacity. When driving on icy roads, the right kind of winter tires can make all the difference.

So what are the best winter tires for your truck or SUV? Choosing the right tires is not only recommended for your truck or SUV, but also essential for your safety. They provide better grip on snowy or icy roads to prevent slipping and allow better braking.

If you are looking for winter tires for your truck or SUV, know that there are three categories: studded winter / snow tires, non-studded ice / snow tires and performance winter / snow tires.

Types of Winter Tires:

Studded Winter / Snow Tires:

Studded winter / snow tires provide basic traction on snow using common compounds and tread patterns. These tires are also sculpted to ride with or without metal studs. The nails provide better traction in frozen rain, sleet, and other wet and icy conditions. Studded winter / snow tires come in a variety of sizes including standard and heavy duty, and should be installed in sets of four.

  • Keep in mind that studded tires can damage roads and be prohibited in some areas.

Non-Studded Ice and Snow Tires:

Non-studded ice and snow tires optimize traction on snow and ice without the inconvenience of loud studs damaging the road surface. This type of winter tire has a flexible tread molded into tread patterns that provide good road holding in dry and wet conditions. There are non-studded ice and snow tires for light trucks, SUVs, and other standard or heavy-duty vehicles. Be sure to install a complete set of four tires for optimal use.

High Performance Winter / Snow Tires:

Unlike the first two options for winter tires, high performance winter / snow tires are designed for dry handling, with some built-in traction on snow and ice. High performance winter / snow tires have been developed to combine the ability to drive at high speed on open highways with traction capability on snow-covered roads. This type of winter tire comes in a variety of styles including a low sidewall profile, large wheel diameter, and size for additional load. Install a complete set of four tires for optimal use.

All-Season Tires are NOT Winter Tires:

Despite their name, all-season tires do not have the same composition as winter tires and, therefore, are not ideally suited to icy or snowy conditions. All-season tires use a tread pattern and gum compound suitable for a variety of conditions, but are not recommended for extensive winter driving.

Contact a Tire Dealer Near You:

There are many brands available that offer different types of winter tires for trucks and SUVs. Your local tire dealer will usually be able to offer advice and tips on the best winter tires for your specific vehicle, as well as tell you when to use them during cold seasons. So don't hesitate to ask!

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