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Tips for Choosing the Right Luggage Rack


Here is some information to help you make your choice to purchase a luggage rack or cargo box for your vehicle.

The luggage racks free up valuable space in the car by putting the cargo outside. Choosing a luggage rack depends on what you are going to be carrying, what type of vehicle you are driving, and where you want to place it.

Types of Luggage Racks:

  • Roof Bars: Roof bars are useful as extra storage space or for items that are too long for the car. These racks can hold all kinds of items like skis or camping gear and are perfect for road trips or big shopping sessions.
  • Strap Racks: Strap racks are an affordable option for anyone who wants a convenient rack for occasional use. They are easy to attach and detach but are specially designed to hold up to three bikes.
  • Hitch Racks and Trunk Racks: These racks attach either to the trunk of your car or to the tow ball. They are simple to install, are easy to access, and can withstand frequent use, but cheaper models can also prevent access to the vehicle's trunk or rear cargo space.
  • Truck Racks: While truck dumpers provide plenty of space, truck racks can increase cargo space or securely secure valuable cargo. Truck racks attach either to the tailgate or to the inside of the bed, giving you a little more storage space or a whole new plan for placing larger items.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Luggage Rack:

The correct rack depends on the type of cargo you are going to load, but there are several other considerations such as style and safety.

  • Cargo Type: Small racks for hitch ball or trunk mounting are fine for shopping, especially those with a flat surface, but for camping vacations you will need the extra space you get with a large car roof rack. If you're worried about damaging your sports equipment, choose a bike or ski rack. They are designed to transport specific equipment.
  • Cargo Weight: Vehicles have a safe cargo weight limit. So always consult the owner's manual to see how much extra weight you can put on the roof on your car's hitch ball without compromising safety.
  • Pre-existing Racks: SUVs and other vehicles are sometimes designed with a base rack already installed to load them without scratching the paint. Many additional racks can be attached to pre-existing racks, but before purchasing one, make sure that the new brackets will fit the existing brackets.
  • Color: Most luggage racks are available in black, but dark colors absorb sunlight and heat, which can harm fragile items. Although sometimes more expensive, lighter media will heat less.

When you've decided what kind of rack you need, buying a rack is easy. It's a great way to add storage space to the exterior of your vehicle. You will no longer have to travel light on your next adventure.

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