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Dec 01 2020

Tips for Checking Your Car's Shock Absorbers


The shocks in your car must travel long distances over rough terrain, without subjecting you to every movement. But how long can a car's shock absorbers last? How to check if they need to be replaced?

Check your car's shock absorbers regularly to ensure a more comfortable and stable ride.

Does your Car Shake Every Time You Hit a Bump?

If your car is shaken as soon as it hits a bump, it's probably time to check your shocks. If you do not replace them, the life of the brakes may be affected.

Some helpful tips for checking them are listed below:

  • Test your shock absorbers by taking your car to an empty parking lot. Check what happens when you continuously accelerate and brake. If your vehicle continues to climb and descend even at a complete stop, it may be time to change the shocks.
  • You can also check the bounce of your car by pressing down on the bumper. If it twists several times before returning to its original condition, the shocks may weaken.
  • If you notice that the car is not level at the front, the shocks and cleats may be out of adjustment.
  • Check for any loose bolts that may cause knocking noise while driving. Loose bolts can mean a problem with the cleats.
  • Examine the shock tubes for any traces of oil or liquid. These traces can also indicate larger problems in your car's shock absorbers.

How Often Should your Car's Shock Absorbers be Replaced?

Most car manufacturers recommend replacing shock absorbers every 80,000 km or so.

  • It all depends on the kilometers you travel and the terrain.
  • Your mechanic should check them every time you visit the repair shop.

You can Replace the Shock Absorbers Yourself:

If you like home improvement projects, you can find reasonably priced shock absorbers.

  • These parts are usually accompanied by detailed instructions useful for their installation.
  • If you're not sure you can do this, have your mechanic do it.

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