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Mar 16 2021

Put a Stop to Break Problems


If you notice any braking problems, you would be well advised to take your vehicle to a mechanic right away to make sure everything is fine, before a small problem puts your life in danger.

In the automotive field, the real problem does not arise when the car stops moving, but rather when it can no longer stop.

Of all auto breakdowns, brake failure can have dire consequences. If the brake pedal does not respond when you press it, immobilizing the vehicle could be catastrophic.

Is the Light On?

It's obvious, you might say, but let's remember it anyway: if the brake system warning light comes on, you have a brake problem.

  • A low level of brake fluid is often the cause, in which case you can try adding it yourself.
  • But it could also be a leak in the brake line.

If the anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light comes on, there is a good chance that the system has some problem.

  • If the ABS no longer works at all, your brakes are not affected, but you will still need to fix it.

Is the Pedal Soft?

When you step on the pedal, do you feel it limp? Or do you have to step on the pedal more than usual when you want to stop?

  • It is possible that air is in the brake system or the brake fluid is low.
  • Or, your brake pads are worn.

Be careful: a soft pedal usually indicates the beginning of a system failure.

Is Your Car Making Strange Noises?

Squealing, rubbing, screeching, scratching and other disturbing noises can indicate that it is time to have the brake pads and shoes inspected, and possibly replaced.

  • Of all these noises, squealing is the most serious, as it indicates that a piece of metal is rubbing against the drum.
  • If you delay in correcting the problem, the drums could warp and become damaged from constant metal-to-metal friction.
  • Replacing brake pads and drums will cost you money.

Does the Car Pull to One Side?

When you force the pedal, does your vehicle pull to one side or bump? In this case, it is excessive wear.

  • In vehicles equipped with front disc brakes, the problem could be stuck calipers or a brake fluid leak.

Other Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Does your vehicle take longer to stop than usual?
  • Do you feel a pulsation when you press the brake pedal hard?
  • Do you smell a burning smell coming from the tires of your vehicle?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, it is time for a brake inspection.

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