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Nissan Dayz in Pakistan: Price, Pictures and Specifications

Nissan Dayz

Nissan Dayz has been sold in Japan since 2013. It is the result of the cooperation between Nissan and Mitsubishi. Nissan is responsible for the design while the Mitsubishi is in charge of the production of this vehicle. The Mitsubishi version of this vehicle is Mitsubishi Ek Wagon. Both of these cars are Kei cars with slight differences in their functionalities.

Do you want to buy Japanese Nissan Dayz in Pakistan? You can find a variety of cars on the used cars market. However, it is better to know about the specifications and features of Nissan Dayz before buying one. Here is what you need to know about Nissan Dayz.

Nissan Dayz has a slightly bigger size like many other Kei cars. However, it remains in in the regulations set by the Japanese government. It offers a spacious cabin for passengers and luggage. Under the hit sits a 660cc engine that offers brilliant performance on the road. Overall, it is a good car for small families.

  • Nissan Dayz Interior

The interior of Nissan Dayz is comfortable and classy. It has adequate space for passengers and luggage. The seating is of high quality. Space levels are further elevated with rear seats folded. The interior gives the impressions of luxury.  The view monitor system provides view from the above of the vehicle that is advantageous for the parking. In addition, it is has touch control air conditioning system like found in many household appliances.

  • Nissan Dayz Exterior

The exterior of Nissan Dayz is like many other Kei vehicles. It adheres to the dimension regulations underlined by the Japanese government. The exterior gives a look of a gorgeous car. It gives indication of a spacious interior and it does not disappoints from inside.  The front grille flanked by headlights gives it another look. It is available in a number of colors which add to the visibility of this car.

  • Nissan Dayz Engine

The power unit of Nissan Dayz is a 660cc engine coupled with CVT. The automatic transmission works perfectly especially in urban areas. The fuel economy of the car is also impressive.

  • Nissan Dayz Price in Pakistan

Are you looking for affordable Nissan Dayz in Pakistan? You can find a variety of cheap Nissan Dayz cars if you go for used cars. Due to a huge variety of cars on the market it becomes easier for you to choose a model that fits your needs. However, 2015 Nissan Dayz may cost you around 1,250,000 rupees. Keep in mind that prices may variety depending on the models.

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