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Sep 22 2021

More Sensitive About Manual Car Transmission and Automatic Car Transmission


Motor vehicles, such as buses, trucks, cars and motorcycles have a gearbox (transmission) component to move. The transmission component is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the wheels so that it can flow into power as the vehicle moves. Although the transmission components have a fairly long service life, both manual car transmissions and automatic car transmissions should not be forgotten. To minimize the possibility of damage to the components of a manual car transmission or automatic car transmission, you just need to follow the transmission system maintenance instructions. So, what maintenance should be done to keep the transmission system working properly? Let's see below.

Manual Car Transmission Maintenance:

Users of manual car transmissions are arguably more fortunate. Although many say it's a little inconvenient because you have to step on the clutch and shift gears yourself, manual car transmissions are easier to maintain. This is because the components are not as complicated as automatic car transmissions which have many components, both mechanical and electronic. So that the manual car transmission system does not get damaged quickly, what must be considered is changing the transmission system oil, clutch plate and how to drive while driving. In addition, you also simply need to follow the instructions in the transmission system oil change manual. If you feel any indications such as difficult to get into gear, the car's rpm is always high when shifting gears, it could be because your car's clutch plate is worn out. The clutch plate is one of the components whose job is to help shift gears in a manual car transmission system. If the clutch plate is worn, it will be difficult to shift gears. In addition to the car's clutch plate, there are several other indications related to damage to the manual car transmission system. What are the indications? Let's see below.

Indications of Manual Car Transmission Malfunction:

The car has two types of transmission, namely manual car transmission and automatic car transmission. Manual car transmissions and automatic car transmissions have the same function, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. Well... what you have to pay attention to is that both manual or automatic car transmissions can also experience problems and damage that can happen anytime and anywhere. Damage to manual car transmissions usually occurs due to age or due to improper use. Repairing a manual car transmission is generally not as complicated as an automatic transmission.

1. Late Response:

In a manual car transmission, what do you mean by late response? when you step on the gas pedal but the car doesn't go fast but only makes a roaring sound, that's an indication that the clutch plate is thin." The solution must be to replace the clutch plate as soon as possible, because if left unchecked it will cause more severe damage to the manual car transmission.

2. Leaking Transmission Fluid:

This issue should be examined carefully. "Leaking fluid in the manual transmission of a car indicates that there is damage on the inside. It must be repaired immediately and you should ask for help from a repair shop that understands better because it is complicated and has to open the transmission.

3. Smell of Burning:

If the smell of burning, this is due to overheating experienced by a manual car transmission, which requires lubricating fluid to help and stabilize the temperature of the transmission components. Check the manual car transmission fluid if there is a leak, fix it immediately and then refill the fluid with the appropriate size.

4. Difficult to Shift Gears:

This problem is often experienced by manual car transmissions, the cause is a problem with the connecting lever with the withdraw level, the clutch component is worn and must be replaced with a new one.

5. Frequent Slips:

What is meant by slip gear on a manual car transmission, when the car is running in a position for example first gear suddenly changes itself to the neutral position.

Automatic Car Transmission Maintenance:

Automatic car transmissions are now more widely used than manual car transmissions. The operation is easy, the ride is more comfortable. But these two things are paid for with more complex treatments. Modern cars even have their own electronic modules to regulate transmission performance, so that the car's performance is more optimal in terms of fuel efficiency. But if something happens to the automatic car transmission system, you must be prepared to spend deeply. Therefore, treat this transmission more gently. When you feel the terrain is getting heavier, don't hesitate to kick down, or slide the transmission lever to a lower position. The engine roared indeed, but the transmission load was lighter.

If you start to feel the automatic car transmission slips like it doesn't move smoothly, plus it makes a sound, it's highly recommended to check it immediately. Your first step is to check the condition of the oil. Automatic transmission cars usually have a transmission oil indicator stick (not engine oil). Try pulling the stick and make sure there is not too little or too much oil. If the automatic car transmission oil is lacking, it must be checked thoroughly whether there is a leak or not. To check the quality, automatic transmission oil is red and smells good when in good condition. If it is dark in color and has a burning smell, replace it immediately. Fortunately, the transmission is one of the components covered under warranty. So if it's damaged but it's still protected, please contact an authorized repair shop to make a claim.

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