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Aug 25 2021

Important to know: What You Need to Do to Avoid Accidentally Ditching Your Car


Modern machines are becoming more and more reliable. But that doesn't mean they are immune to random events or driver error. Here are some of the easiest and most effective ways to shorten the life of your car, as well as practical tips on how to avoid it:

1. Do Not Ignore Regular Maintenance:

Most vehicles are more likely to end up in a junkyard due neglecting of routine maintenance than for any other reason. Preventive maintenance of the machine prolongs its life and enables efficient operation.

2. Do Not Drive with Low Oil Level:

If the engine oil is too low or has not been changed for a long time, then the engine will not last long. Sooner or later, the indicator on the dashboard will come on. Or the driver hears knocking under the hood. Also, the car can suddenly lose power and stop on the side of the road. In autodiagnostics, this driver will likely hear that he killed the engine. This can be avoided by following a few simple rules. First: you should never save on oil. At the first sign of a low oil level, a drop in pressure or a light bulb, stop immediately and turn off the engine. The quality of the roads in our country leaves much to be desired and you can get a crack in the crankcase and leak unnoticed. If there is a knock in the engine, do not wait until the situation gets worse. Often, serious damage can be prevented by shutting down the engine in time.

3. Do Not Overheat the Engine:

Many have come across a situation when the temperature of the coolant begins to rise during a trip. Closer and closer, she is getting closer to the "red zone". Instead of stopping and waiting, most drivers will persevere in the drive, hoping to reach their destination in time.

4. Don't Ignore Gearbox Problems:

The symptoms of an automatic transmission problem are very different. Howling, knocking out gears, slipping and knocking gears are symptoms to stop and check the oil level in the unit first. If the oil is too low, then this driving leads to increased wear of the gears and the generation of heat. The longer the transmission operates in this mode, the higher the likelihood of irreversible consequences. In any case, you need to start by diagnosing problems.

5. Swing in the Snow:

Ever got stuck in snow or mud? What then do the drivers do? They rock the car back and forth, "sinking" the gas pedal. The car gets extra acceleration to get out of the deep rut. This method often helps, but at what cost? Loads on the transmission and gearbox can lead to component breakdowns and repairs. To save money, it is better to dig the car manually or call a tow truck.

6. Drive Over the Curb:

Driving quickly on the side of the road or in a parking lot can severely damage your vehicle. Crashing into a curb, there is a possibility of bending the frame and suspension, breaking the steering or transmission parts. An obstacle unnoticed in the snow can easily lead to repairs for several hundred or even thousands of dollars. And even a light hit on a curb or a post at low speed can break the bumper or lining of a modern car.

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