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Jul 28 2018

How to Reduce the Fuel Consumption of Your Car


The rising prices of fuel are the cause of concern for many drivers. They look for ways to cut consumption and costs. Here are some ways drivers can reduce the fuel consumption of their car.

  • Reduce Idling:

It is recommended to stop idling. Your gas mileage is absolute zero when your car is running but not moving. Probably, you do not know how many hours your vehicle spends each year, burning up fuel but doing nothing productive. If you get to know it, may be surprised. A fuel management system can help you in this regard.

Reduce Weight in the Car:

Do not overburden your car. Get rid of all the necessary items in your car. Increased car weight results in extra consumption of fuel.

Drive Only When Needed:

Perhaps it is the top trick for reducing the fuel consumption of your car. Drive your car only when needed. If you want to go nearby use bicycle or consider walking. You will save money as well as do exercise.  

Keep the Windows Closed:

The more aerodynamic your vehicle remains the better your car’s fuel efficiency. Open windows during the driving create more drag and resistance for your automobile. If you are driving over 80 kilometers per hour close the windows. It will improve vehicle dynamics and resistance to air resulting in reduced fuel consumption. However, if you are driving at less than 35mph it is okay to keep the windows open. Replace Air Filters:

Replacement of air filters is recommended by most automakers. It is good to change the air filter according to the instructions of car owners. It helps in reduced combustion efficiency. Dirty air filters introduce impurities and dust into the engine and it can lead to higher fuel consumption. Changing old filters helps improve fuel consumption.

Maintain tire pressure:

Read the owner’s manual and maintain your tire pressure according to instructions given in in it. Uncontrolled tire pressure can result in the increased fuel consumption.  

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