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Honda Vezel Hybrid in Pakistan | Price, Pictures and Specifications

At a time when concerns about the environment are rising and the auto industry is experiencing is many changes, buying a hybrid car puts you on a special position. Hybrid cars save fuel and serve the environment at the same time. Are you an environment-conscious buyer and want to feel the luxury at the same time, Honda Vezel is the way to go.

Honda Vezel is one of the most popular hybrid cars in Pakistan. It attracts on the road with its attractive looks and elegant exterior. The exterior gives the indication of a spacious interior.  You can enjoy luxury and standard features of a car at the same time.

Honda Vezel Hybrid 

Honda Vezel was first introduced in 2013. It is a subcompact SUV manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda.  It is also known as Honda HR-V in different markets. The original concept was of an urban SUV. It is powered by powerful engines which churn out adequate power on the road. It is available in the trim packages of X, Z and XL Package. The customers can find what suits their needs.

Keep reading to know more about the features and specifications of Honda Vezel Hybrid.

Honda Vezel Hybrid Interior

The interior of Honda Vezel is what is indicated from outside; luxury, comfort and spaciousness. The interior of the car has top-notch features and the material quality is excellent. The upholstery is of high quality that ensures complete comfort on the road. Inside, it has integrated many gadgets which add to the comfort and convenience of this car. 9p, 12 pm… It matches nearly 10 hours.

Honda Vezel Hybrid Exterior

Honda Vezel has impressive integration of design and features of a standard car. It is a 5 door car that impresses on the first glance. It is available in a number of colors and the buyers can choose what they want. The appearance of the car is sporty and luxurious. The vehicle lights on the front and rear give it a new look.   

Honda Vezel Hybrid Features

Honda has mounted many features and accessories on this car. These include air conditioner, auto key, anti-lock brake system, cruise control, multi-function steering, paddle shift, power mirror, power steering, power window, push start engine, supplemental restraint system, rear spoiler, sports mode, electronic brake hold, adaptive cruise control assist and many others. The safety and security of the passengers is enhanced with the integration of many features.

Honda Vezel Price in Pakistan

Japanese imported cars have become popular in Pakistan. These cars offer high quality, reliability and durability at affordable prices. The Japanese imported Honda Vezel comes at affordable prices along with offering a great deal of feature. Japanese imported Honda Vezel 2015 may cost you around 3,100,000 rupees. However, the prices may differ depending on the vehicle specifications and different duties and taxes.

Honda Vezel Engine

Honda Vezel is found with two engine configurations which are 1.5L and 1.8L. The combination of hybrid powertrain and gasoline engines works great and smooth performance is delivered. However, mostly the 1.5L engine is found in the market.

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