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Mar 22 2019

Daihatsu Move Review: Exterior, Interior, Engine and Features

Daihatsu Move is a popular Kei car in Pakistan. It has a bigger size like Suzuki Wagon R. It comes with an attractive exterior and comfortable interior.  Here is what you need to know about Daihatsu Move before buying one in Pakistan.

Daihatsu Move interior

As the exterior of the car indicates, the interior of Daihatsu Move is roomy and spacious. There is enough space for headroom and shoulder room. The interior of the car has been outfitted with good quality leather seats which provide comfort during the travel. There are a number of features for the convenience of the passengers.

Daihatsu Move Exterior

Daihatsu Move has a big size. It has an attractive exterior. It is available in different colors. These colors enhance the beauty of the car.

Daihatsu Move Engine

The Japanese Kei cars are small size cars which are generally powered by 660cc engines. Similarly, Daihatsu Move is powered by a 660cc engine that deliveries good performance on the road. The fuel economy of the car is impressive.

Daihatsu Move Price in Pakistan

Many people in Pakistan prefer Japanese used cars due to the low prices, excellent features and high build quality of these cars. These cars can be found at reasonable prices in Pakistan. The price of imported Daihatsu Move is also reasonable as 2016 model Daihatsu Move may cost you around 1,400,000 rupees. However, the prices may vary depending on different factors.

Eco Idle

The vehicle start stop technology or eco idle is useful for fuel saving thus reducing vehicle expanses and serving the environment. Daihatsu Move is equipped with eco idle and saves the fuel costs and serves the environment by emitting low CO2.

Daihatsu Move Features

The Japanese imported car comes with a number of features which make people prefer these cars over the locally manufactured ones. Buyers in Pakistan can avail these features at affordable prices. The features of Daihatsu Move include air conditioner, anti-lock brake system, idling system, power mirror, power window, privacy glass, rear spoiler, supplemental restraint system and many others.

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