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Sep 09 2021

Car Suspension Feels Uncomfortable? Check the Following Components


Car suspension systems, from shockbreakers to springs and ball joints, are often neglected when compared to maintenance of the car body and engine. In fact, this suspension system is also classified as a system that provides comfort during use of the car. Just imagine, if the suspension system of this car doesn't work properly, for example there is an annoying sound, the steering wheel is heavy to the right and left, or the car feels unsteady when the road is bumpy, then our comfort while driving will certainly be very disturbed. This also has the potential to reduce concentration while driving which will also affect safety. In order for the car's suspension to remain durable and in good condition, regular maintenance still needs to be done. So what do you need to do as a way to care for the car's suspension system? And what are the characteristics of a car's suspension system that need to be checked?

Characteristics of Damage to Car Suspension


Squeaking Sound When Going up an Incline or Speed Bump:

Have you ever passed a speed bump in your home area or a not too high incline and heard a squeaking sound from a car that was not pleasant to hear. The sound that appears is also accompanied by excessive shaking in the car. If you feel this in your current car, it could be that your car's suspension needs more attention. Because, it could be that the noise and shocks that occur in your friend's car are caused by damage to the car's suspension which can no longer absorb shocks properly.

Broken Car Suspension Damping:

In addition to the squeaking sound, the car will also find it difficult to perform optimal braking if the car's suspension is damaged. This situation is caused by the weakness of the damper process and the reduced tire pressure so that when you brake, it becomes unstable. Symptoms of damage to the car's suspension caused by tire pressure will have an impact on the suspension and the car will feel unsteady when in use. In addition, tires can also be used as a vital indication in finding out suspension damage. If the tire pressure runs out quickly and the tire surface is uneven, such as bumpy, it will make your car's suspension unbalanced.

Suspension Leak:

The easiest thing to see if your car's suspension is damaged or not is to identify a leak in the suspension or not. If the suspension is found to be wet with oil, it could be caused by a tear in the suspension seal rubber or a scratched or scratched axle shock. The most common sign of a car suspension damage is to check whether the suspension oil is leaking or not. If the oil leaks, it can be said that your suspension needs to be repaired because the suspension seals are torn or brittle due to time.

Unstable Car Body:

The last thing you can know whether your car's suspension is healthy or not is to detect the condition of the body. Friends can see whether or not the car body is flat when passing through an incline. If when climbing the car feels unstable, aka tilted, it could be caused by a damaged suspension. In addition, you can also confirm it by pressing the trunk hood. If when pressed the car feels swinging, it means that something is wrong with your suspension. The problem that occurs can be caused by the inability of the suspension to withstand the load on the car. Friends should also pay attention to the amount of cargo to be carried, not too much because it will worsen the damage to the car's suspension and be dangerous.

How to Care for a Car Suspension to Keep It Durable:

Avoid Bumpy Roads:

The first step in maintaining a car's suspension system so that it is always durable and long-lasting is to avoid bumpy roads. The car's suspension does have the ability to absorb shocks that occur when driving on bumpy roads. However, that does not mean the suspension will last forever in resisting the shocks and shocks that occur. If the shocks and bumps from this bumpy road are too hard and strong, it is not impossible that the suspension system will malfunction, for example:

  • Shockbreaker broken
  • Shockbreaker oil leaking
  • Ball joint broken or loose
  • Broken spring

All failures that occur in the suspension system will obviously damage all other suspension systems, which means we fail to take care of the suspension system. Therefore, in order to perfect the maintenance of the suspension system, the most important thing is to try to avoid potholes.

Do not Exceed the Load Capacity:

In addition to avoiding potholes, to maintain the car's suspension system so that it remains durable and long-lasting is to drive without exceeding the maximum allowable load capacity. To find out the maximum allowable load capacity, you can refer to the owner's manual for each vehicle.

Check the Car Suspension Bolt:

Another way to care for the car's suspension system is to check the tightness of the suspension bolts on a regular basis. Along with the use of the car for operations, of course, shocks, shocks and collisions from the wheels with the road will affect the suspension system including the bolts and nuts fastening. It is possible that the bolts and nuts in this suspension system are loosened.

Clean Car Suspension:

The car suspension also needs to be washed, friend. This cleaning aims to remove dust, mud, and gritty dirt that sticks to the car's suspension system. If the attached dirt is not cleaned immediately, it will gradually cause rust, scratches on the components and lead to component wear.

Change Suspension Oil Regularly:

To maintain the next suspension system, change the lubricant (grease / grease) regularly. This is of course adapted to the type and type of suspension that is in the vehicle because not all types of suspension provide grease/grease/stamp replacement.

Do Spooring and Balancing:

The last thing that is very important to keep the car's suspension working properly is to do spooring and balancing every 10,000km or at least once every 6 months. Spooring serves to return the steering angles to a standard position that may shift during use of the car. While balancing serves to stabilize the rotation of the wheel. By regularly spooring and balancing the wheels, the suspension system will always be in good condition.

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