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Aug 21 2021

9 Tips for Caring for a Long Parked Car at Home


Caring for a car should be done by every vehicle owner. In addition to keeping each component working properly, it is also to ensure whether there are parts that need to be replaced. In carrying out maintenance, it should be left to a more expert, such as in a workshop. However, even for simple maintenance, vehicle owners can do it themselves at home and don't have to go to a repair shop.

The following things can be done yourself at home:

1. Radiator Water:

 Checking water or radiator fluid is one way to maintain a vehicle. As is known, the radiator component is a very vital device in four-wheeled vehicles. If the condition is not monitored, it can cause overheating to more severe damage. For this reason, checking the fluid in this component needs to be done so that its performance remains perfect in cooling the engine. The first can be by checking the radiator coolant water level in the reserve tank (reservoir). Because if there is a shortage it can cause the engine to overheat.

2. Check the Oil Volume:

The oil volume also needs to be checked to make sure the volume is in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, namely there is no shortage or excess. How to check the remaining volume of oil in the engine, the owner can use a dipstick or stick to measure the volume of oil that is on the engine. Through the oil gauge stick, the owner can find out the level of the remaining lubricant in the engine. When there is too much oil, it can cause air bubbles and affect the ability to lubricate, and reduce the work of the oil pump in distributing lubricant. if the engine lacks oil,  the consequences could be more fatal. For example, a pacemaker will make a very rough sound due to friction caused by incomplete lubrication. Ultimately the engine can be damaged due to a lot of wear and tear that occurs.

3. Air Wiper:

Another maintenance that should not be forgotten is to check the volume of wiper water in the reserve tank. Although it seems trivial, the availability of water in the wiper reservoir tube is quite important, especially in the rainy season like today. Which sometimes rainwater can cause the glass to be dirtier than usual, so wiper water is needed to help clean it.

4. Check the Brake Fluid Volume:

The presence of brake fluid is also part of car maintenance that can be done at home. To ensure that the performance of the braking system remains optimal, it is best to ensure that the brake fluid level is at the maximum limit. If it is known that the brake fluid is reduced or below the lowest limit, it is better to increase it accordingly. If the brake fluid is reduced, it must be added. However, do not use brake fluid with different DOT specifications.

5. Tire Condition:

Another component that needs to be checked is the physical condition of the tires also affects the stability of the vehicle.  Especially when used to crossroads whose conditions are still wet or under the rain. If the condition of the rubber rim coating is bad or worn, of course, there will be the potential for the car to slip due to aquaplaning. Also check the condition of the tires, air pressure, and tire grooves. Make sure the air pressure is up to standard and the grooves and thickness are still good.


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