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Dec 30 2020

6 Ways to Protect the Exterior of Your Car


Even though it's what's under the hood that makes your car run, the exterior shouldn't be overlooked. Avoid these 6 common mistakes and you will extend the life expectancy of your car.

1. Avoid Small Lighting Problems:

When changing a bulb, clean dirty or corroded sockets with fine steel wool or with a small wire brush.

  • Make sure you have removed all dirt from the socket before placing the new bulb.

2. Fill only with Washer Fluid:

Do not add water to the washer fluid reservoir. It won't wash as well as windshield washer fluid and could freeze in the cold damaging the system.

  • Do not try to activate your washer system if you think its reservoir is empty, as this could damage the washer pump.

3. Keep an Old Blanket Handy:

Protect your car's roof from scratches with an old blanket before attaching lumber, bikes or suitcases to your luggage rack.

4. Don't let Tools End Your Car:

If you're planning on overhauling your car and doing repairs, invest in a front fender cover.

  • It can cover your front fender providing you with a safe place to put your tools without causing scratches.
  • It will also prevent your belt buckle from scratching the paint when you lean over the engine compartment to work.

5. Don't Overload Your Car:

Never exceed the maximum permissible laden weight limits. You can find them in the owner's manual. Also check the permissible total weight of your luggage rack.

  • Normally the limits can vary from 68 to 90 kg (150 to 200 lbs).
  • If you need to haul a heavy load from the garden center or from your home, consider hiring a delivery person. This will save your strength and limit the wear and tear of your car.

6. Secure the Loads:

Quite often the beginning of the end of a car or van body - and the interiors of sedans and station wagons as well - is a loose load.

  • Invest in suitable racks for bikes, cargo, and suitcases.
  • A good tip to prevent large items from sliding into a truck bed is to use a shower curtain bar (or two) as a backing.
  • Just push the cargo against the front wall of the truck bed and install the rod behind. Roll up to secure.

Luggage nets will also help you prevent items from falling by damaging the truck bed.

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