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Aug 04 2021

6 Easy Car Maintenance Tricks to Make It More Durable and Comfortable to Drive


Congested traffic conditions, traffic jams, and hot weather make the car and the components in it work harder. If maintenance and service are not carried out regularly, it can result in shorter vehicle life.  

As a car owner, of course you want your car to last for a long time. To make sure the car is more durable and comfortable to drive, car owners must carry out regular maintenance, either by personal or regular service to the workshop.  

If you don't understand the ins and outs of a car and its maintenance, at least you need to understand these six things to ensure that the car remains in top condition and is comfortable for everyday driving or for long trips.  

1. Change the Car Oil and Filter on Time:

If you want your car to last longer and last longer, an important step you take is to change the car oil and filter on time. As an important part of the vehicle, oil serves to reduce friction between components, coolant, vibration damper, dirt cleaner, to anti-rust in the engine. Oil that works continuously will be exposed to air and heat thereby cutting its usability.  

In general, a car oil change schedule is recommended when it reaches 10 thousand kilometers. However, many workshops suggest every 10 thousand kilometers. Many workshops also recommend changing the oil every 5 thousand kilometers if every day you are struggling with traffic jams and abnormal road conditions, so that the car's mileage becomes very small. The solution is to use the date and kilometers in the service record as a benchmark. If the oil change schedule has been reached, it's a good idea to change the car oil.  

2. Fill the Radiator with Coolant or Radiator Fluid:

Avoid overheating the car engine , you need to make sure the radiator water is always filled regularly and don't run out. Because the radiator water serves to cool the engine while working. For your favorite car, make sure to use the recommended radiator fluid or coolant . This coolant has an anti-rust chemical compound that keeps the radiator chamber clean and durable.  

Don't forget to check for other types of fluids your car needs, such as power steering and brakes. In addition, if you use the wiper water often enough , then fill the wiper water tube with clean water when it starts to run out.  

3. Always Warm up the Car and Check the Condition of the Tires and Car Accessories:

 Every car engine is equipped with lubricant, which is useful as a coating when the engine components rub against each other. In order to spread the lubricant evenly, the engine must be preheated before use.  

Heat the car according to its use. If you rarely use it, it will take a long time to warm up. Until the engine temperature is hot or the indicator needle on the dashboard panel shows that the engine is hot. If the vehicle is used for daily needs, then heating the car can be done quickly.  

Heating the vehicle is closely related to whether or not the vehicle is durable. By heating the car, the engine avoids sudden loads and in the end the car can last faster. While the car is heating, you can check the condition of the tires and other accessories, such as the lights and clutch.  

4. Choose the Fuel with DYNAFLEX Technology:

Fuel plays an important role to improve vehicle performance, especially cars. It's not just the octane rating that you need to pay attention to, but the technology owned by the fuel. Because good fuel is not only able to clean and protect the engine but also improve engine performance more optimally. Shell V-Power with new DYNAFLEX technology is proven to have 3x more cleaning molecules that are able to clean deposits and reduce friction by up to 80 percent so that engine performance will be more optimal. In addition, DYNAFLEX technology keeps the friction between the piston and the cylinder wall to a minimum. So it is very effective for vehicle engine maintenance, including driving the vehicle's performance to run smoothly.  

Reducing car maintenance allowance, maximizing fuel performance, and more optimal engine performance are derivatives of the efficiency that can be obtained if your car uses Shell V-Power .  

5. Clean the Car to Avoid Rust: 

For a car that is durable and comfortable to drive, maintenance does not only focus on the engine but also the components outside. Clean the car regularly to prevent damage, for example rust in some car parts .

Especially for those of you who have high mobility and have to pass through flood-prone streets, washing up to the narrow corners of the car is a must so that the car remains durable.

6. Visit an Authorized and Trusted Dealer for Regular Tune-Ups:

The important point of car maintenance is to leave it to the experts. Cars need a touch of expert mechanics on a regular basis to stay optimal. Coming to the repair shop doesn't have to be for a major service, you can also do a tune up which means light service to maintain the stability of the car's performance. However, if you are already using quality fuel such as Shell V Power, it feels like a light service does not have to be done routinely because good quality fuel also protects your engine every day.  

Entrust your favorite car to authorized dealers and trusted repair shops to get the best facilities that guarantee service quality standards. You can also consult with expert technicians about various problems in the car to the time when replacing spare parts .



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