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Jun 22 2018

5 Ways to Heat-Proof Your Next Road Trip

Car and the road heat

Temperature is rising with the passage of time. Rains are expected but the heat levels are hitting higher Celsius scales. If you are thinking of going away from the heat to a pleasant place, chances are you will be going on a long trip away from the city.

Getting ready for a long trip goes beyond packing clothes – your car will most likely need some preparation as well. A trip out the city may have different hazards and surprises in store, so it is best to ensure your car is in good shape to take on the road ahead. Here are some of the basic items you need to check before setting off on your summer getaway:

  • Suspension and Vehicle Alignment

Your vehicles may be going through ruts and bumps of the city roads if you are living in a near the metro. These elements are not good for the vehicle and being subjected to these elements on daily basis would mean that your vehicle’s suspension alignment may have turned far from factory specifications. You can check if your steering wheel is not centered or if the vehicle skews towards the right or left without input. These signs indicate that your alignment could be out of spec.

The effects of the misaligned vehicle can be severe in the long term, although there may not be any immediate consequences. Leaving it alone for the longer period of time may result in the premature wearing of the tires.

  • Fluids and Consumables

Fuel is not the only fluid your vehicle uses to run. Things such as coolant, oil and brake fluid all play a significant role in the running of your car. In case these things have left unchecked since the time you purchased the car, perhaps it would be the best time to bring it to a shop for a quick servicing.  

Make it sure that your cooling system works. Do not take the oil for granted as it accounts for roughly 30% of cooling for your engine.

  • Interior

It is important to keep your interior as clean as possible. You will be spending a good part of the day on the road in the internal space of the car. Make sure that all the amenities work including the Air conditioner.  Remove any junk, clutter, and anything that may become a source of bacteria in the car cabin.

  • Tools and Spares

Safety is a major concern when going on the long trips out of the town. It is better to be safe than sorry. Bringing a handful of tools could prove useful should anything unfortunate happen.

  • Tires

Tries are the most vital pieces you need to check as these are the only thing that keeps you from flying off the road. You may get reward or punishment depending on your treatment to them.  If you are seeing quite a bit of wear and tear on your tires, replace them.  

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