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Mar 08 2021

4 Factors to Consider Before Buying an Automobile


Buying a new car is a big investment. We are going to give you 4 tips to make your job easier, reduce stress, and possibly save you money.

1. Know that "Certified" Does Not Mean Anything: 

You will never be able to get it admitted by a used car dealership, but the term "certified used vehicle" is virtually meaningless. In fact, an automotive expert said he has seen "certified" cars with slick tires and poor brakes.

  • Sometimes the “certified” tag simply means that someone went through a checklist in the garage before placing the car in the parking lot.
  • It often happens that a dealer who sells a certified used car will offer a long-term warranty (which is good), but unless that warranty covers everything, chances are you are just buying a normal used car. with some problems.
  • Before you buy a car, have it checked by your own mechanic and have them certify it for you.

2. Check Your Extended Warranty Options:

After the high finance rates, the biggest profit generators for auto dealerships are extended warranties.

  • Before signing on the dotted line, be aware that there are other extended warranty options.
  • The Internet can be a blessing for consumers: many sites offer policies that exceed those offered by the dealer.
  • You may not purchase your warranty on the Internet, but just knowing what rates are available can give you something to negotiate with the dealer.

3. Be Specific in Your Requests:

Have you ever wondered what happens when the car salesperson tells you to “go talk to the manager”? They spend that time formulating a strategy to sell you a car for maximum profit. Want to get a car at the best price? Here's how :

  1. Know exactly which car you want to buy, including model, options and color.
  2. Visit five different dealers and tell them what you want.
  3. Tell each dealership that you are going to visit four of their competitors, that you will be back the next day, and that you want to hear their best price. No procrastination, no sales games, just the price.

4. Check the Tire Specifications:

The sellers won't mention it, but some of the new cars are currently sold with "performance" tires which are designed to give the car better handling on dry roads at very high speeds (sometimes at speeds that the car cannot even. not reach).

  • These tires can cost twice as much as conventional tires, and often come without any warranty.
  • Because the cost of these tires is built into your new car's tag price, you might not realize what you have until later when you have to replace those very expensive tires.
  • It would be a good idea to do some research on the tire options that are really suitable for the model you want to purchase.

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